Anthracite - photography, filth and fashion
I am a fashion designer. (No, really. I studied and stuff.) I make clothes all day that you can purchase.
I also photograph, usually fashion and / or naked girls and boys. You can book me.
My inspiration is sex and sleek, dark aesthetics.
Basically, I work eight different jobs: I design, sew, photograph, do customer service, model, prep the images, maintain all the internet presences and make all the decisions. I do all this for the best reason imaginable: just because I can. :)
Mission statement: Anthracite is sleek, sophisticated, filthy, suggestive.
Anthracite is a declaration, a statement, a truth. There is no hiding in these clothes, you are there and strong and take a stand. Anthracite is obstinate, indiscussable, it's blatant sex and power dynamics.
Simultaenously, the clothes are comfortable and functional and can be combined well. You can easily be understated and elegant, or add to your existing flamboyance and kink, or be a full fledged warrior of your own aesthetic agenda.
Gegen Immobilienspekulation, Chai Latte und Lärmbeschwerden. Gegen Kiezaufwertung, Begegnungszonen und geschlossene Clubs. Gegen Kapitalismus, Materialismus, Konsumwahn, Sexismus, Rassismus und Homophobie.
Für Freiräume, Freiheiten, Kaffee, Zigaretten, Ausschweifung. Für Gleichheit, Handwerk, Arbeit, Leidenschaft und Grenzerfahrungen. Für Unangepasstheit, Kontroverse und Sex. Für Berlin, wie es sein sollte, für Berlin, wie es meins ist.
Wenn's euch nicht passt, dann zieht auf's Dorf.
  1. Anthracite Portrait with english subtitles. 

    Intro to new menswear and new plus sized fashion: 

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